Film Production

We are a full service production insurance agency. We insure short-term productions, including shoots as short as one day, through major feature films. And as an independent business, we can work quickly to meet your production schedule.

We are committed to the film industry.
We provide insurance products to meet your needs from pre-production through Errors & Omissions coverage for completed productions. Our insurance solutions include both short-term and annual policies.
► Short-Term Production Packages 
► Annual Production Packages 
► General Liability 
► Owned Equipment 
► Rented Camera/Production Equipment 
► Props/Sets/Wardrobes 
► Negative Film, Videotape and Digitalized Image 
► Extra Expense 
► Film Drone Liability and Physical Damage
► Certificates of Insurance
► Third Party Property Damage
► Rental Cost Reimbursement
► Cast Coverage
• Extended pre-production
• Post-production
► Key Person Life
► Workers' Comp
► Stunt Coverage
► Commercial Auto
► Excess Liability
► Errors & Omissions
► Film Permit Bonds
► Key Person Disability
► Disgrace coverage
► Essential Element Coverage
► Transmission Interruption
► Weather Interruption
Film Permit Services

Having issued hundreds of certificates of insurance to film offices and city governments over the years, we’ve become very familiar with their requirements. Let us put some of this knowledge to work for you to save you time and frustration on the permitting process. 

Permit Coordination – Let us handle the paperwork and leg work of filing permits with government entities throughout the Midwest.

Notification Services – When neighborhoods throughout Chicagoland need to be informed of your pending shoot, we can draft the notice and distribute it at the location.

Film Permit Bonds - We can provide surety bonds to cover potential damages to public property, as required by some municipalities.
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